Our Story

Allen Marine was founded in 1967 when our family purchased a small shipyard in Sitka, Alaska and began providing boat haul outs and maintenance for local fishermen. In 1970, we ventured into the hospitality industry after resurrecting a sunken wooden vessel and outfitting it for sightseeing tours. During the 50 years that followed our business expanded throughout the region and we now operate a fleet of over 50 expedition vessels, four small cruise ships, and two exclusive lodges. We feel the growth we’ve enjoyed can be largely attributed to our strong emphasis on immersing each guest in a personable level of service we call True Alaskan Hospitality.

Keeping guests and crew safe and healthy is the number one priority of our award-winning hospitality program and we’ve always followed rigorous cleaning protocols. To elevate to even higher standards of cleanliness we recently invested in the ability to manufacture hypochlorous acid (HOCl) disinfectant products on-site in Sitka as a distributor of Aquaox (aquaox.com). Through our research we’ve determined that these EPA-registered, broad spectrum disinfectants are ideal for our organization and we are excited to offer our ready-to-use products to other businesses and consumers. We invite you to learn more about the power of HOCl and discover the benefits for yourself!

In addition to EPA-registered disinfectants, we also produce Seafarer Hypochlorous Surface Cleaner and Aquaox 112 - all purpose cleaners that are fantastic for wiping away dirt and grime and deep cleaning soiled surfaces.